We Your Online Brand

Amazon MAP Monitoring, Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal Experts

We Your Online Brand

Amazon MAP Monitoring, Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal Experts

We Monitor Marketplaces

Amazon MAP Monitoring, Enforcement and Unauthorized Seller Removal Experts

Protect Your Brand With Internet-Wide MAP Monitoring and Enforcement from Brand Alignment

Our MAP Monitoring & Enforcement Captures 200+ Marketplaces

MAP Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard

Gain access to detailed violation data in an easy to navigate monitoring and reporting dashboard. With available customization and white-labeling options it can be tailor-fitted for your brand's unique brand protection needs.

MAP Enforcement

Comprehensive Amazon & Internet-Wide MAP monitoring and enforcement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a violation occurs immediate action is taken to remove the violator before they negatively impact your brand.

Unauthorized Seller

Eliminate unauthorized and counterfeit sellers who are damaging your brand's reputation. Not only will this increase revenue but also restore your brand's image and protect your online integrity.

Full Suite Investigative Services

We help you uncover the identity and product source of the most difficult to find unauthorized sellers using high-level investigative techniques. Available per individual seller or for your entire marketplace.

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Monitor, Protect and Grow your Brand on Amazon with MAP Monitoring.

Brand perception and value suffers at the hands of MAP (minimum advertised price) violators and unauthorized sellers.  Similarly, counterfeiters, listing hijackers, and piggy-backers further deteriorate the integrity of your brand. Many brands today are unsure how to resolve these issues. Additionally, some are simply unaware that these events are occurring.

Brand Alignment is Here to Help with Online Brand Protection.

Every client requires a uniquely tailored monitoring and enforcement plan in order to achieve success on Amazon. There is no one size fits all approach. Because of this our expert team utilizes proprietary software combined with quantitative insights and techniques to protect your brand. The integrity and longevity of our clients’ online brand is our number one priority.

The Break Down

Put simply, we protect brands online. Amazon is large and fast growing. Also, with so many products and listings they can be hard to monitor. As a result Brand Alignment has made brand monitoring easy. Furthermore, we enforce your brand’s pricing policies. And it doesn’t stop there. We also help clear up unauthorized and counterfeit sellers from Amazon.

Using proprietary software and a number of techniques we protect your brand. First, we thoroughly assess your brand and listings on Amazon. Next, we upload your brands products into our software. The software monitors your brand listings 24/7. Because of the 24 hour monitoring we are able to document and react to all violations that are recorded.

Why Brand Alignment?

At Brand Alignment we are passionate about the work we do. We have years of experience in e-commerce, IT, marketing, sales, and logistics. There are many problems that face a brand that sells on Amazon. Because of these issues many brands do not succeed. Likewise, others simply don’t do as well as they could. Revenue and your brand’s image both suffer. Let us show you how we can help. With services to fit any need we are ready to custom fit a solution just for you. Reach out to Brand Alignment today and align your brand with success!

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